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Jacqueline Stallone
Dean - University of Astrology

Hello and Welcome to the University of Astrology. I'm the Dean of the University for a number of reasons. I may be the oldest licensed astrologer alive. I have the experience as well as the wisdom -- as both an astrologer and psychic -- to tell it like it is. In addition to being fearless, my opinions, criticisms, psychic insights and astrological predictions are uncannily accurate. To help you learn about astrology I am creating this University -- and I do so like being called Dean Jackie.

My life's work has been the utilization of astrology to guide my children, my friends and clients to a better more fulfilling life.

This University of Astrology is an adventure for both of us. I have completed a series of video conversations to introduce you to my Universe of Astrology -- how astrology has influenced my life and the lives of my children, including Sylvester Stallone, friends and clients. I have consulted with kings, royalty and presidents and helped them with my astrological and psychic predictions. You can read more about that on my Biography pages.

And now for your FIRST COURSE, my videos ---which will give you a nice background on how I use astrology. The video series is called:

Jacqueline Stallone's Universe of Astrology
Jacqueline Stallone Universe of Astrology Icon

It's all about my way of working with Astrology --ranging from my unique Love Scale of compatibility, to your life relationships through the houses of the zodiac as well as understanding decans and karma!

There are SIX videos in the series. You can have the first one for FREE (it is also on You Tube) and the other five are available for purchase, either individually or as a complete set:

Click Here to view the first one -- Astrology and the Presidents -- for FREE.

Click Here to read about and BUY the other videos in my series, or the entire series itself!

What else is going to happen in my University of Astrology? Many of my esteemed astrologer colleagues will be visiting to contribute their unique insights and interpretations of astrological events that affect your life. I will also be posting a BLOG with more information and tips to help you with astrology.

Come join me in  the exciting exploration of the possibilities in your life through learning about astrology.

Astrology Psychic Jacqueline Stallone Autograph