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Jacqueline Stallone Starpower Book Author
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Jacqueline Stallone's
                                 Starpower Book!

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bookbackJacqueline Stallone's Starpower book reveals in full detail the secrets to success that have brought fame and fortune to Hollywood stars (including her son Sylvester, shown here on the back cover of the book) and she shows readers how to apply those principles to their own lives.

Packed with celebrity gossip and call-it-like-it-is advice, STARPOWER explores not just the traditional 12 divisions of the zodiac, but the 36 subcategories (the decans) that make all the difference in discovering hidden personality strengths and dangers.

It offers specific directions for finding a person's best career choices, for choosing the most compatible lover (through the Love Scale), and for making smart decisions that reap happiness, success wealth and power. You'll also be privy to delicious revelations about the rich and celebrated such as:

  • Why Gemini, Jack Kennedy, had the perfect wife in Leo, Jacqueline Kennedy Bouvier.

  • Why Libra, John Lennon, was a fated soul mate for Aquarius, Yoko Ono.

  • Why Leos, Madonna and Sean Penn, should never have gone on a second date, let alone say, "I do".

  • Why Aries, Warren Beatty, is able to exert such irresistible charm over women.

Amazingly accurate and eye-opening, STARPOWER, is at once a brassy, bawdy look at all the stars, an authoritative and detailed guide written by a professional astrologer.

Jacqueline Stallone shows you how her book has worked for her and her famous friends... how it has worked for Hollywood's brightest stars... and now she shows you how it can work for you -- bringing a future filled with passion, money, career changes, and wonderful adventures.

  • Soft cover print - 6" x 9"

  • 288 pages

  • With tables, illustrations and photographs (black & white)


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