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Order Your
Relocation Astrology Chart
by Jacqueline Stallone!

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Get a Relocation Chart by astrologer Jacqueline Stallone - an astrological chart made especially for YOU about your intended relocation. It's a multi-page 8-1/2 x 11" document with two horoscopes - one for birth location and one for relocation - analyses and information about how your move will affect your future with the new astrological influences.

It discusses your career, social situation and other environmental factors that the stars predict will affect you in your new location.

Your Relocation Chart is only effective for a relocation that takes place within 12 months of the chart production.

When you order your Relocation Chart, you will receive:

  • 18-22 page report

  • Koch projection

  • Rising Sun & Moon sign

  • Two Tri-color Horoscopes

  • Relationship in your horoscope to the Planets, Stars, and Houses of the Zodiac

  • Trines, sextile, squares & oppositions

  • Houses of birth chart planets

  • CHIRON aspects

  • North node influences

  • The elements of your Sun sign: Fire  - Air - Water - Earth

  • Modes of your Sun sign: cardinal - fixed - mutable

  • A handwritten note from Jacqueline with the key to understanding your horoscope

-or -

  • A brief personal cassette tape with Jacqueline's unique interpretation of your horoscope.

Price $500.00 shipping included.


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Click on the esellerate order button at the bottom of this text to go to our store at esellerate and complete your payment process. Upon successful payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail allowing you to download the PDF file Chart Request Form.

Simply fill out the form, attach a copy of your e-mail receipt of payment and mail it to the address provided on the form.

Note: You MUST complete and send in your Chart Request Form with a copy of your e-mail receipt of purchase to receive a chart.

If for any reason you do not receive an email receipt from esellerate, please contact them directly or contact us at: order@jackiestallone.com.

Please allow 21 days after you mail your Chart Request Form for delivery of your chart by priority mail.

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