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Picture of Jacqueline Stallone, the foremost American rumpologist, who has revealed and revived the ancient art of Rumpology
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Order Jacqueline Stallone's
             Rumpology Reports!

Now, you can order a unique Rumpology Report from Jacqueline Stallone, the foremost American rumpologist!

Rump reading is an art that was practiced in ancient Babylon, India, Greece, and Rome. The ancient Greeks thought the derriere was the key to health and fidelity and the Romans used prints of the gluteus maximus the way some people use palmistry today, to determine potential talents and future success.

It is the art of reading the lines, crevices, dimples, and folds of the buttocks to divine the individual's character and gain an understanding of what has occurred in the past and get a prediction of the future.

To order a report, scroll down this page to see the report options available. Then, just click on one of the options, or the store icons, to enter the Zodiac Health and Beauty Online Store (run by esellerate).

Upon your payment you will be able to download a Rumpology Report Request Form in which you will provide necessary personal information (your name and address, date of birth, and gender). Simply follow the instructions on the form: fill it out and mail it to Jacqueline Stallone along with a printed photograph of your rump, and within 21 days, you will receive your report.

There are several reports you can order, for yourself, or a loved one:

  • TOTAL Rumpology Report.
    This report covers all aspects of rumpology -- an analysis of the LEFT cheek (your past) the Right Cheek (your future) and the Gluteal Cleft, (your natural personality characteristics).
    Price: $600.00

  • LEFT Cheek Rumpology Report. This report focuses on your left rump cheek, that part of your derriere that describes your past. It helps you understand where you are coming from and the things in your past that motivate your actions in the present.
    Price: $300.00

  • RIGHT Cheek Rumpology Report. This report focuses on your Right rump cheek, that part of your derriere that describes your future It helps you understand if your plans will take you "ass backwards" and mar your future by revealing your natural inclinations and tendencies.
    Price: $300.00

  • GLUTEAL CLEFT Rumpology Report. This report helps you understand who you are, your natural personality and tendencies. When you learn to "know thyself", you are capable of taking advantage of all of life's opportunities because you understand why some of them appeal to you, and why some of them do not.
    Price: $250.00

Click Here or on either icon below to order from our store at esellerate

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