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Jacqueline Stallone's
Starpower book and DVDS!

Jacqueline Stallone opens the exciting world of Astrology to YOU with two wonderful publications, her famous book, Starpower, and her Exploring the Zodiac DVD series. These are items you MUST HAVE if you are into astrology!


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Already in its 2nd edition, and packed with celebrity gossip and call-it-like-it-is advice, Starpower explores not just the traditional 12 divisions of the zodiac, but the 36 subcategories (the decans) that make all the difference in discovering hidden personality strengths and dangers.

It offers specific directions for finding a person's best career choices, for choosing the most compatible lover (through the Love Scale), and for making smart decisions that reap happiness, success wealth and power.

Click Here or on the picture below to go to the Starpower web page and get your copy today!

Exploring the Zodiac:

The Exploring the Zodiac DVD series is the perfect companion to the book, Starpower. In this series of 12 1-hour videos -- each dedicated to one of the houses of the zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Cancer, etc.) Jacqueline Stallone talks in a comfortable 1990's talk show format with her host, Todd Curtis, about the many aspects of Astrology, including the decans, trines, sextiles and relationships. After telling the audience about these many aspects of Astrology, Jacqueline discuses zodiac specifics with THREE members of the audience, right there on stage. Each member represents a decan of their sign.  By watching these DVDs you'll learn about astrology, your sign specifics and relationships that are guided by the stars.

Click here or on the picture link below to go to the Exploring the Zodiac web page and get your DVDs today!



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